Electronic Dog Repeller


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Electronic Dog Repeller – Get rid of dogs and protects you while jogging, cycling, or walking.


Get rid of dogs and protects you while jogging, cycling, or walking. Harmless dog repellent uses sound waves to drive dogs, cats, coyotes and wolves away. Produces a high frequency sound (20,000Hz-25,000Hz) that the human ear can not detect, but drives dogs away. Effective up to 20′ feet. Stops vicious dogs from chasing, biting, or barking at you without harming them. Safely use the high-pitch signal to train a dog and correct its behavior.


To repel dogs: point unit directly at the dog and press the button for a few seconds. The ultrasonic sound should discourage the dog form approaching. Press button for a longer period if necessary. Please note that the prime operating range is 5 to 6 feet.

For use as a pet trainer:

1. Point you dog repeller directly at the dog or cat from a distance of approximately 5 to 6 feet away (effective up to approximately 20 feet).

2. Give the verbal command, then immediately press the button for one to two seconds.

3. Repeat steps one and two until you pet responds to your command.

Importants Tips:

Dog repeller will get an immediate response from most dogs. Others may require repeated reinforcement, Always point the dog repeller directly at the dog. Always provide positive reinforcement when training a dog or cat along with the use of dog repeller. Never go bear an animal that seems dangerous.

  •  Protect yourself from dangerous dogs while walking, jogging, or bicycling
  • Emits piercing ultrasonic tone that dogs hate
  • Ultrasonic tone is barely audible to humans
  • Works with any dog
  • Can also be used to train dogs
  • Requires 9-volt battery (sold separately)

Shipping Weight: (13 ounces) Complete with Packaging Box

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